Diamond chart reveals Phillies have a lot of room to improve

Phillies general manager Matt Klentak and coach Pete Mackanin have been talking about how the club can improve its depth at third base.

And that could be the best spot for the club to make an impact.

Diamond Chart is a tool that provides an estimate of the market value of a prospect, based on past performance.

The Diamond Chart provides an overall value for a player based on his current position.

For example, if the Diamond Chart says the player is worth $15 million, that means the Phillies could make $3 million in salary and $10 million in bonuses.

Klentack and Mackanins have both said they are committed to keeping players at third and are optimistic the club will be able to get better depth in the middle of the infield.

Klenack also has said he is open to trading prospects.

In 2018, the Phillies made a trade for right-hander Josh Hart and signed him to a minor league deal, but the deal was not enough to bring Hart to the big leagues.

Klendak said last week the Phillies are interested in adding another position player.

The Phillies have some holes at third but are looking to upgrade at the back end of the order.

They need to address the left-handed pitching and bullpen, and the team needs more outfield help to compete in the NL East.

The team also needs to add some veteran players to bolster its bullpen.