Which is better: a diamond kitty or a diamond minecraft set?

I had the pleasure of getting my hands on a diamond set from the Minecraft diamondcraft diamond mine, and it’s amazing how much this tiny set of tools has improved my life.

The set consists of diamond knives, diamond pickaxe, diamond hammer, diamond shovel, diamond dust, diamond chisel, diamond bow, diamond spear, diamond axe, diamond staff, diamond sword, diamond club, diamond dagger, diamond wrench, diamond bucket, diamond plate, diamond hatchet, diamond shoe, diamond bottle, diamond pendant, diamond amulet, diamond necklace, diamond ring, diamond bracelets, diamond rings, diamond bracelet, diamond brooch, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces, diamond chain, diamond pocketwatch, diamond sash, diamond slippers, diamond shoes, diamond boots, diamond gloves, diamond jewelry, diamond toothbrush, diamond bowl, diamond comb, diamond sandals, diamond shirt, diamond umbrella, diamond coat, diamond bag, diamond watch, diamond guitar, diamond mug, diamond belt, diamond handkerchief, diamond bookmark, diamond purse, diamond keychain, diamond pipe, diamond pencil, diamond pen, diamond spoon, diamond torch, diamond towel, diamond candle, diamond trowel, diamond nail, diamond whistle, diamond tiara, diamond water, diamond toilet, diamond mirror, diamond wheel, diamond wedding ring, diamonds jewelry, diamonds earrings