How to Get Away With Murder’s “Don’t Worry” Is The Most Ridiculous B-Side Ever

MTV News has a brand-new episode on The B-Movies, but the theme is still the same: “Don´t worry, they will take care of it”.

The first three songs on the new episode, “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Lift Me Up” and “Lifelong Love”, all make the rounds on social media.

“Lift me up” is a hilarious b-side from the band’s first album, “Disco Inferno” (1994).

The song is one of the most popular B-movies songs ever, and a lot of people know the tune and the lyrics.

Disco-era hip hop legends The Pharcyde released a remix of “Don`t Worry, They will take Care of It” for their 1994 hit “Lose Yourself”.

Drake released a version of “The B-Movie Theme Song” for his hit single “The Hills” (1999), which featured a cameo by Diddy.