What is it that Donald Trump is missing in the White House?

President Donald Trump may be the most unpopular president in U.S. history, but that doesn’t mean he’s lacking in popularity.

He has a pretty good approval rating of 62% to Trump’s 29%.

So, if you’re going to talk about what Trump’s missing in office, it’s a lot.

What is Trump missing?

A lot.

His biggest missing piece is his ability to make policy, which is something that Trump does better than most presidents.

Trump can’t seem to make good policy.

He’s always been an ideologue, so if you don’t have an ideologues policy, it becomes harder to govern.

His failure to pass his own tax cuts and infrastructure bills in the first months of his presidency has left him with a budget deficit and has made it harder for him to make deals with the Democratic majority in Congress.

He can’t get his agenda done.

And if you think he can’t make good deals, he doesn’t seem capable of getting his agenda passed.

This is what Trump is doing with the presidency.

He is creating a crisis in his administration, which could make him unpopular in the future.

Trump is a very unpopular president, so when you’re the most hated man in the country, there’s no way he can be the president who will bring a calm to the country.