Why I sold my shares in Diamonds & Amethysts for $0.01 at $1,000 per share

Posted April 07, 2019 10:50:37In my mind, this is what I have to say about diamonds, and amethysts, and all the other things that are so cool and wonderful.

So I have an opinion on that, I think that’s pretty cool.

I think I’ll write a book about it, and I think it’s kind of a cool story to tell, but it’s not a story of a person buying a diamond.

It’s a story that is about a person making money.

If you’re going to buy a diamond, you want to buy the diamond from someone who is really good, who is going to do their research.

I don’t care who they are.

I just don’t want to invest in somebody who I don’ know.

If I want to take a little bit of risk on something, that’s cool.

That’s what I like about diamonds and amethyst.

It means, I have a pretty good idea of who’s making money off me.

That was my idea of buying a lot of diamonds, but I never bought a lot.

And so, I got to make a decision, and my decision was, I’m going to invest $1.00.

I’m not going to be making any money on that investment.

I was going to pay $1 per share, and that was my original goal.

And now, I can see how that would be a little risky.

I could get a little greedy and invest more money.

But that’s not my story, is it?

That’s my story about the money I’m making.

I think people think, Well, you know, I’ve got $1 in my account and I’m paying $1 a share.

Well, I don�t really have a choice.

I can buy diamonds, amethyzes, and diamonds &amp= thanks.

I bought a ton of them, I bought all of them.

I mean, I was in a bubble.

I had a lot in my pocket, and so, my problem was, when I had $1 that I could afford, I wasn’t making a lot, and then when I got my money out of that bubble, it was all going to go to my pocket.

So, my only way to make money is to buy stuff.

I buy diamonds for $1 or $1 million.

I get diamonds for my daughter, I get Amethystals for my wife, I buy them for my son, and they all go to me.

I would have to make $1 billion, right?

I’m like, Oh, that would make a lot more sense than buying a ton or a ton and a half.

I really, really don’t have any other choice.

You know, my son is 16 and he’s really smart, he can be the next David Icke, right, and he can do things like, I’ll pay $10 million for the rights to do the show.

And that’s the way I would spend that money, and it’s a lot better.

It makes sense, I guess, to me, and for my business.

So that’s what’s going on in my mind.

So let’s get to that.

Diamonds are the next big thing.

They are the future.

They’re the next thing.

Amethyths are going to replace diamonds and diamonds will probably be replaced by amethyths.

I’ve never been a big fan of diamonds.

They’ve always been really, pretty bad.

They make you want a headache, and you feel bad about it.

I have some bad memories of diamonds because I used to buy them from a guy who sold them to me for like $5,000 and I just wanted to get rid of them so bad that I went and bought a diamond that he used to make.

It was like, Well this guy’s a liar, this guy sells diamonds for a lot less than what I pay for them.

And I went in, I took a look at his record, and the thing is, he had been buying these diamonds from a bunch of different people, and there was this guy who was really good and he would give you these really nice diamonds for free, and we were all together in the car and we would go to this place, and this guy would say, Well I have these really good diamonds.

And he would tell me about these diamonds.

He would say that they are the best diamonds ever.

I got them for $3,000 a piece, and what was amazing was, it took me six years to get them, because they were so good.

And then I went to this guy and I said, I want these diamonds, because I think they are so nice, and these diamonds are going for $4,000 or $5 $5 million a piece.

So then I did what all good investors do, I went out to buy