Nails with Diamonds with Cushion Cut Diamonds

By Nick Maunder, The new Cushions with Diamond Cut Nails are available now from

With this nail, you can cut diamonds straight through, with a new C-shape to create the perfect edge.

Available in a variety of colours and styles, they are ideal for creating the perfect accent nail.

Cushioned diamond tips create a natural look when manicured.

With a diamond cut nail, a smooth, sharp edge and no sharp edges or corners, you are creating a nail with a smooth and sharp edge.

The CushION Cut Nail is available in six colours, with the highest quality diamonds in the range.

They have a soft, scratch-resistant finish and a soft diamond ring, perfect for the perfect manicure.

This nail is ideal for everyday wear, so you can wear it on your nails, on your fingers or on your belt.

This is a nail that is not just for nail art.

The design is very versatile, and you can create custom nails that are perfect for your own needs.

It’s a great addition to any manicure arsenal.

It is not recommended to use these nail tips in an over-the-top fashion, but you can use them to create a different look on the nail, or to add an accent to your nail art, such as a nail art of a different colour.

Nails on this manicure are so unique and will keep you looking sharp.

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