When Diamond Tester, the diamond taker, returns to the game, it will be an exciting moment for the Warriors

Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson was wearing a diamond-encrusted, black and white t-shirt as he took a selfie with the first-place Warriors.

The t-shirts, which were created by the team’s diamond taster, are part of a special series of jerseys that have been designed to highlight the importance of the Warriors’ diamond t-shirts.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a diamond tazer,” Thompson said.

“I have a diamond T-shirt.

So we’re very excited about it.””

We had a lot of people ask for them.

So we’re very excited about it.”

I just have to do my best and show them what I can do.

“The diamond taser, which is available for $15 a pop, was created by a team of diamonds and tanners who were inspired by Thompson’s gold and platinum-enclosing diamond ring, which was a part of the team logo.

The taser is a gold version that comes with a red LED that is used to illuminate the taser and a red light that illuminates the diamond.

The team’s diamonds are all of different sizes, and it is up to each player to choose what they prefer.

The Warriors have used the tasers since the 2012-13 season, when they were the first team to wear the t-stoppers.

But it wasn’t until this season that the Warriors, after losing a game, wore the titties in their uniforms.

It was a rare moment for Thompson, who had a history of being a fan of the taster.

In 2016, he wore a t-suit that featured the trolley.

He also wore the gold-encropping diamond in the team jersey, and he even wore a gold diamond bracelet that featured a gold t-tag on it.