How to spot diamonds that are missing

The Canadian Institute of Diamonds says it has identified about two dozen diamonds that it says were lost when the lab created a diamond chain from dust in a lab at the Diamond Corporation of Canada.

The lab created the chain in an experiment that involved melting the diamonds at high temperatures, according to a statement released Monday by the institute.

The chain is not a gem, but it’s an example of an alternative diamond making process.

The institute says it plans to use the chain to create new diamonds for the Canadian Diamond Jubilee, which begins in 2019.

It is also working on another project that involves creating a diamond ring.

“I was kind of blown away that it’s really a gem,” said Doug Nolte, the institute’s president and CEO.

“It’s a beautiful piece of work that we’ve created.”

He said he was shocked when he saw the chain’s name.

“The only thing I was surprised by is how small it is, and it’s still in the lab,” he said.

“You would think a diamond factory would be very good at finding gems, but in this case, it just seems like a waste of money.”

He also said he’s shocked to see the chain still being used by other labs around the world.

The diamond chain was made at the lab in the city of Toronto, and is being tested by another lab in China.

The Institute for Diamonds declined to say how much money it spent on the chain.

“We did not spend any money on this particular diamond chain,” Nolme said.

He said the institute has not determined how many of the diamonds are still missing, but he says it is “very likely” some are.

He also pointed out that the chain has been used by researchers to create other kinds of diamonds.

“In fact, the diamond chain is an example that we would use again,” Nopte said.

In addition to the diamond chains, Nolmets said the Institute for Jewelry and Gemstone Industries has also created a new diamond ring for the International Diamond Jubilees and Diamond Jubilations, which are scheduled to start in 2021 and 2022.