How to buy diamonds from your favourite jewellers

It’s no secret that diamonds are a big deal in the diamond industry.

The quality and price are phenomenal, the colors are beautiful and the jewelry is absolutely spectacular.

And of course the diamonds are beautiful too.

But do you know how much money you can save buying diamonds from some of the jeweller’s favourite brands?

Well, there’s a guide to help you out, which we’ve compiled for you.


Diamonds from Luxury Brands Luxury brands are known for their quality, their design and their price.

This is true for all the jewellery brands.

However, there are some brands that stand out as particularly expensive diamonds.

Here are the most expensive diamonds from each of the luxury brands: $1,800: LVMH in Japan.

The diamond from this luxury brand has a crystal that measures 5.5mm (0.18 inch) and is the second highest-quality diamond on the market.

The price of this diamond is about $1.800.

$2,600: Diamantin in France.

The gold and platinum from this French brand has an estimated price tag of $2.600.

It has an 18-carat white stone with a 3.5 carat cut.

It’s the second most expensive diamond in the world.

$3,500: Dolce & Gabbana.

This French brand is renowned for its jewellery, including a diamond ring valued at $3.5 million.

It is made of diamonds of a 3 carat yellow gold that weigh 3.8 carats.

The stones are priced at $4,000.

$4-5,000: Tiffany in China.

The jewel from this Chinese brand has the highest price tag at $5,500.

It also comes in three colours, and is one of the most sought-after diamonds on the planet.

$5-6,000 $7,000-8,000 Diamond from China.

This diamond has an actual weight of 8.5 grams (2.9 ounces) and a carat count of 6.1 carats (32.5 diamonds).

It has a price tag from $8,500, making it the most valuable diamond in China, according to data from the International Diamond Council.

The stone was sold by Tiffany for $10 million at a New York auction in 2014. $8-9,000 £9,500-10,000 The most expensive in the World: LAMONIUM From £5,400 to £9.5m: this diamond has a carit value of £5.5million.

It measures 8.4 carats and has a diamond cut length of 5.4 inches (16.8mm).

It’s one of two diamonds in the top 10 most expensive.

The other is the $9.3million £10.6m, which is the highest-priced diamond ever recorded in the United Kingdom.

$10,200: LORAC From £6,500 to £10,300: this stone has a Carat Count of 7.8carats (30.4 diamonds).

The diamond is one with a diamond cutting length of 8 inches (19.2mm).

Its price tag is £10million.

£10-11,000 Platinum from $9,300 to $11,600 Platinum from diamonds with an estimated value of $10.3 million, the highest platinum diamond ever discovered in the US.

£11,400: SILVER from £6.7m to £11.2m: This diamond, which has a cut length between 6.7mm and 6.8 mm, is valued at £11million.