How to make a diamond wedding band without having to cut your finger

The easiest way to make diamond wedding bands is to simply slice them open with a razor blade, according to the Diamond Valley Resort and Casino in Nevada.

You can use scissors, a mallet, a hammer or even a hammer and mallet to cut the diamond, which is why it’s so popular.

Here’s how it works.


Cut your finger in half.

This is the cutest part of the process.


Using a sharp mallet or a malleable hammer, cut the middle piece of the diamond.


Push the cut diamond to the edge of the mallet.


Repeat until the entire diamond is cut.


Once you’ve made the cut, you can wrap it around the finger to secure it.

You could even cut the finger itself, but we won’t get into that here.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to be very careful here.

As the malleability of the cutting blade can make the cut harder than it needs to be, it is best to just use a mallette to cut a diamond.


Repeat with the other end of the finger, making sure you don’t damage the diamond while doing this.

Here’s how you could make your own diamond wedding bracelet: Cut the diamond open and remove the two pieces of skin.

The skin is a thick layer of carbon that gives the diamond a beautiful golden shine.

You need to remove the skin before you can cut the edge.

Use a sharp hammer to cut off the skin, then bend the finger open to cut open the diamond cut.

Then wrap the diamond around your finger.

When the skin is completely removed, use a hammer to pry the diamond apart.

Then cut it off again.

The best part about this method is that it’s super easy to keep.

You don’t have to worry about breaking the skin and cutting your finger while doing it.

It’s a perfect solution for when you want to wear your wedding rings with a different look on your finger, or when you just want to give a fancy gift.

How to make your diamond wedding ring in a few steps: 1.

Make a small hole in the middle of the stone.

Use an oval to make this a little bigger.


Use the mallette, hammer or mallet you made above to cut out the cut edge of your diamond.


Wrap the diamond in the malLET.

Make sure the ring is snug and secure by using a hammer.


Repeat this process until you’ve cut the whole piece of diamond.

It is important not to make too much of a hole.

The diamond should still be pretty solid.

5: Cut the ring.

Use scissors to cut through the skin to the center of the ring, then wrap the ring around the tip of your finger and the ring to secure.

6: Use the nail to secure the ring and tie it securely.

7: Use a hammer (or mallet) to pierce through the diamond to remove it. 8: Repeat with both ends of the piece of skin attached.

9: Wrap the ring up with tape to protect the diamond ring.