How to buy diamonds at Walmart without breaking the bank

Walmart is offering a new way to shop for diamonds with its new diamond buying service.

The company says that the new service allows shoppers to pick up the gems in their home without having to pay more than $50 per carat.

Walmart is also offering a discount on a set of diamonds, worth $1,000, that a customer can buy with their credit card.

The new service is available on the company’s website until March 14, but will only be available to people in the U.S. The site says that shoppers will receive a text message once they have completed their order.

This service will be available nationwide and in select international markets beginning on March 15.

A Walmart spokesman said that the discount will be valid for any domestic or international order of up to $1.50, and that it will be applied to all orders.

The website says that Walmart will also begin charging credit card fees on purchases of diamonds.

The price of a carat of the diamond that a consumer picks up at Walmart will be calculated by multiplying the value of the carat by the number of diamonds purchased.

The customer is able to purchase up to three carats worth of diamonds at a time, and each diamond can be worth $500.

Walmart says that if the customer doesn’t purchase a set amount of diamonds and then returns the merchandise within the stated time frame, they will be charged the full amount of the diamonds and will be reimbursed the full purchase price.

The site says: The discounted price is available for domestic and international orders.

We encourage customers to make the purchase at Walmart as soon as possible and pay only for the carats purchased.

It is important to note that when we say that a particular item is on sale at Walmart, that means the item is currently in stock, and we are not making any promises about availability.

The pricing will be discounted to a minimum of $1 per carathome, but you can still purchase additional carats at the time of checkout.

If you are unable to find a caratheme at Walmart right now, Walmart may still be able to ship it for you.