What’s next for the black diamond?

By The Associated PressIn this Feb. 26, 2017 file photo, a diamond from the Royal Australian Mint’s new Diamond Jubilee series stands next to a diamond made by the University of Manchester in Britain.

(AP Photo/Reuters, Alex Ellinghausen)In the past few years, a lot of attention has been focused on the diamond market.

But it isn’t just the size that matters.

The diamonds themselves are also beautiful.

The black diamond, for example, is the world’s most expensive gemstone.

The average price of a black diamond is about $3.5 million.

In the United States, it’s the second-most valuable stone.

Its color is a deep blue.

And its brilliance is rare.

That means that it can be valuable only if you are very lucky.

But the black stone is not a guaranteed deal.

It’s also a lot more expensive than diamonds from other countries.

Diamonds from countries with low pricesThe Royal Australian Museum in Sydney holds the most rare and valuable black diamonds in the world, making it a jeweler’s dream come true.

It holds the second largest quantity of the stone in the United Kingdom.

But in addition to being an incredibly rare gemstone, the Australian diamond market is also a gold market.

It has an average price at about $13 million.

Its market cap is about the same as that of the United Arab Emirates.

In Britain, it has an estimated value of about $300 million.

Its rarity has drawn attention because it can’t be produced in other countries or it would be too expensive to mine in other places.

So, it is a rare item in Australia.

It is also expensive because of its rarity.

But its value is much higher because of the fact that it’s a very rare stone.

A black diamond from ChinaA black stone from IndiaA black gem from AfricaThe world’s only black diamond found in the Middle EastA black diamonds from ChinaIn fact, there is a lot that can be done to make black diamonds a more desirable item.

In addition to making them more rare, a black stone can also be made in China.

Diamond mining companies there make diamonds from a variety of materials, including copper and nickel.

They then mix those materials into a new alloy that produces a black gemstone called a black silvered diamond.

Black diamonds from the Middle Kingdom are known as pachyrhizite, after the Greek word for “gold.”

This alloy is the reason that black diamonds are called “black.”

This is because they have the characteristic color of black.

The alloy has a hardness of between 600 and 790.

It also has a very high color, ranging from deep red to yellow.

The black silvers are also prized for their brilliant, brilliant blue.

They can be a beautiful stone if you’re lucky.

But black diamonds aren’t just limited to the Middle Eastern and African regions.

In fact, the United Nations has recognized the black market in the jewelry industry.

It includes the world over and there are now more black diamonds than there are black people.

It says black diamonds represent a “threat to international trade and financial stability,” according to the report published in October.

The United States and several other nations have banned black diamonds, which means they can no longer be mined in the U.S. or any other country.

It’s unclear if the new rule will have an impact on the black diamonds’ prices.

But there is some good news.

The U.N. has proposed a new rule that would require all nations to stop producing black diamonds.

This would mean that the black industry would be free to move to new markets and produce a black color.

It would also be easier for the industry to diversify, which will make black jewelry more popular.

In fact in the future, black diamonds will be even more popular because of these proposed rules.

A black diamond sold for $5,500 on the street in the mid-1990s, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Now, it can fetch more than $40,000.

The price is up by about 50 percent from its peak in 2012.

The trend isn’t limited to jewelry, either.

The American diamond market has been booming in recent years.

It was worth $5.7 billion in 2017.

Now it’s up to $18.4 billion.

The price of black diamondsA black-diamond market, by the numbersSource: AP