Diamonds diverging at the interchange, diamonds in the middle of the highway, new trend

Divers are taking to the streets of downtown Brisbane to celebrate the Diamond Divergence.

In celebration of the diamond’s arrival in Brisbane, local artists have created a collection of beautiful diamond rings to be worn in public.

The jewellery designer, Stephanie LeCun, said it was an incredible day for Brisbane.

“It was a really special day for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different coloured and beautiful colours of diamonds in a day,” she said.

She said the colour range was something that she had never seen before.

Ms LeCund said it also meant a whole new level of individuality for people.

”It’s something that really hits home with people,” she explained.

Many people have come to Queensland to see the new diamond and the colours of the gems are a huge hit.

It’s been a really fun thing to do.

You can really tell a person’s personal story by wearing them,” Ms LeCunt said.

It’s a new trend for many people, but Ms Le Cun said it made people feel special and loved.

People can’t believe they are wearing jewellery, and that it is the real deal, she said, adding that the new trend is also for people to get together.

They can’t wait to see what the future holds.

While she didn’t think there would be a big influx of people, she has been seeing more people come into her shop and buy jewellery from her shop.

Her shop is still expanding and she has a few more shops in the future.

Diamonds are currently being used as currency in countries around the world, including the United States and Brazil, and they are being increasingly accepted as a symbol of wealth.

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