How a diamond chain chain with the words “RISE” and “DEAD” could make you a king and queen of the diamond world

With the global diamond industry set to see an unprecedented boom in 2018, a chain of chainrings from the likes of the Diamond Lake chainring set to enter the market as early as 2019.

Dubbed the King and Queen of the Chain, the chainrings will be sold at stores across India through a partnership with the Kingfisher diamond company.

The chainrings have been designed to be worn by the king, queen and their closest relatives.

“We are thrilled to launch this partnership with Kingfishers and we are committed to working with the company to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

This partnership will create a new standard for engagement rings, and will make them the ultimate gift,” said Pankaj Kulkarni, Head of Marketing at Kingfishes.

According to a company statement, the chains are made with the highest quality diamonds from the top five countries in the world and are cut to order.

Each ring is individually cut by hand to ensure a unique ring design and is individually branded and tested to ensure they are the highest diamond quality.

The rings will retail at a price of Rs 4,800 ($5,200) each and come with a 10-year warranty.

The chainrings, with the diamond chain, will be the new standard in engagement rings.

The new Kingfishing chainrings are available at several Indian chain stores.

In January 2018, the Indian chain company, Kingfish, acquired the rights to the diamond Lake chain from an affiliate of German diamond company, Rhenish.

The brand was renamed the Diamond-Lake chain and will become the official brand of the Indian diamond industry.

At the time, the company said the chain is intended for “men and women of all ages who enjoy great pleasure and excitement”.

In addition to the King, Queen and their nearest relatives, the diamond chains also include relatives such as the King’s eldest son and eldest daughter and their siblings.

The chain will feature a unique design with a diamond pattern, an emblem, a logo and a crown of diamonds, and the chain will be available for $8,000 ($13,400).

At present, the prices for the KingandQueen and their related family members have not been announced.