Black diamond lake Michigan’s diamond lake

Diamond Lake, Mich., is known for its beautiful lakefront and a lake with 2 carats of diamonds.

Now, the lake has become home to a diamond lake mitt.

The diamond lake has hosted several diamond lake activities including a diamond mine and a diamond jewelry company, which is also located in the lake.

Diamond Lake is a town in the beautiful city of Sterling, Mich.

The town is located near the edge of Lake Michigan, about 90 miles east of Grand Rapids.

According to the Sterling News, the town is home to the Crystal Lake Jewelry Company, which sells jewelry and other gemstones made of pure diamonds.

The Crystal Lake jewelers were recently named the winner of the 2017 Platinum Challenge.

Diamond Lakes jewelers in Sterling are in the process of making their own jewelry.

The jewelers have been working for over 30 years on the diamond lake, which includes the lake, a lake that once was called Lake Michigan.

The lake was once filled with water and a natural floodway.

The water was turned into a lake in 1887 and the lake was drained and filled in 1890.

The Crystal Lake Diamond Lake Jewelers were recognized by the Crystal Lakes International Diamond Council as one of the top 10 jewelers located in Michigan.

The company is owned by David M. McElroy, Jr. who also owns the Sterling Jewelers.

The company has produced jewelry in the Sterling area for over 25 years and has several jewelers based in the area.

They have been listed on the U.S. Treasury’s “High-End Jewelers” list.