‘The Best Things That Ever Happened’ from ‘Dinosaur Planet’ series

The film ‘Dino Planet’ features the “diamond cut” that was the first discovery of diamonds on Earth and its sequel, ‘The Ultimate Cut’, features the cutting that was made from the second cut of diamonds found.

Watch: ‘Dinos’ movie stars Adam Sandler and Rosario Dawson: “The diamond cut was first found in 1976 in a cave in northern Tanzania by a team led by Peter Domingo de Oliveira, an American, and subsequently was discovered by another team led, among others, by Roger Moore.”

Watch the video to see how the cut was made.

“Dino” stars Adam and Rosie Sandler as two hunters who make the first successful find of diamond.

(Photo: Paramount Pictures)In the new film, the movie stars “Dinos” star Adam Sandlers “Dinosaur” sequel Rosario Domingos and “The Ultimate Cutting” star Rosario.

It is set to open on Oct. 16, 2018.

Watch the trailer to the movie below.

The “DINO PLANET” sequel has been directed by Peter De Oliveira and features stars like Rosario, Adam Sanders “Dinosaurs” co-stars and director Rosario Perez.