When the diamond earring becomes a fashion accessory: Watch the video

It was just a day earlier that we all found ourselves in a scene that would make a movie star blush.

A white tiger, its teeth gnashing on the ground.

The tiger was the backdrop to the Diamond Lake campground in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Dylan Scott, the producer of the movie, filmed it.

The scene was set in a desert, but Scott knew it would become a fashion item.

He wanted to make a diamond ear ring out of a tooth, so he set up an Instagram post on Thursday titled “#Tiger Tooth,” to share photos of his efforts.

It was a quick shot, but the story of the earring went viral, and it’s now the talk of the internet.

The diamond ear rings have become so ubiquitous, they’re even being used in fashion.

As you might expect, Scott has a love-hate relationship with the diamonds in his jewelry.

“I don’t like the gold, I like the black, and I don’t think it’s a good idea,” Scott told Business Insider.

We’re always trying to be different, and sometimes we are, but it’s important to me that I give people that option, because if you don’t, then you’re just looking at a really cheap piece of jewelry that you can’t live without.

Scott’s work has made him a star on Instagram, and he has the support of a lot of people on Instagram.

He even has a diamond necklace on Instagram that was the inspiration for the diamond in the earrings.

Scott says he’s never had any problems with the quality of the diamonds he makes.

I’ve been making my own diamonds for over 25 years, and for me the quality is what’s important.

And I love diamonds, I just don’t love diamonds.

They’re not what I would want, so I don.

He says he has a large collection of diamonds in a variety of colors.

People are asking him why he doesn’t make a bigger piece of diamond jewelry out of the teeth, because they’ve seen how much people love them.

Scott has one of his teeth, which is on a ring.

He told Business Insider that he’s a “big believer in the power of the tooth.”

He doesn’t want to put a dent in it, so instead he’s going to make his own earrings out of toothpicks.

If you’re going to do that, I think it is a good thing, but I’m not saying that it’s better or worse than making a diamond ring out a tooth.

He said he uses the toothpick toothpick to carve the diamonds, then it’s time to put them on.