Diamond cross found in China

The diamond cross has been found in a rural village in China’s Henan Province, and its discovery could signal the presence of a diamond in the region’s rarest gem.

A local police officer told the state-run Xinhua news agency that the police officer, who had no further information about the case, had made a trip to the village of Xiheqinhan, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the capital, Beijing, to check on reports of a strange diamond.

The police officer said the police found a diamond ring in the ground.

They also found the cross, which has a shape like a diamond, and a yellow diamond.

He said he could not provide further details, but that the cross has not been identified.

Police also found a few hundred kilograms (2,500 pounds) of diamond-shaped stone, Xinhua said.

The stone has not yet been tested, but the police are considering whether it is genuine, and if so, whether it can be traced to a diamond.