New ‘Super Bowl’ ads featuring former NFL player Diamond C trailer, Blue Nile Diamonds

Diamond C trailers will be featured in the upcoming Super Bowl commercials, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing a source.

A Diamond C-themed trailer for the commercial is scheduled to appear in a commercial on January 14, 2018, with the player seen wearing a diamond ring and holding a Super Bowl ring.

The commercial will air on ESPN2.

The commercial will be the first time the Diamond C logo has been featured in a Superbowl commercial.

Diamond C’s first Superbowl ad, released in 2017, featured a diamond in a blue nile diamond.

The ad, which ran during the first two weeks of the game, featured the Diamond S-shaped ring.

In 2017, Diamond C’s former star running back, David Cobb, was arrested in the U.S. after he allegedly drove his car through a pedestrian crossing, leaving two men with serious injuries.

Cobb is scheduled for extradition to the U, where he was arrested on November 25, 2017, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a suspended license.

Another new Diamond C ad, starring NFL legend Jim Harbaugh, was released this month.

“The first-ever ad featuring a player wearing a Superbowl ring has been designed by Diamond C,” the company said in a statement to the Los Angles Times.

“It is our intent to bring back that classic Super Bowl ad style, in conjunction with our partner, the Super Bowl League.”

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