When you see diamond head, you see the world’s best

Diamonds are the world´s most valuable gemstone, but it takes some real dedication to find them, especially when you want to sell them.

This is why, even if you know exactly what you want, you should never forget to search for “diamond head”.

Here are 10 things you should know about diamond head.


The word “dwarf” is not the correct spelling of “doughnut”.


This gemstone is not a rock.

It is a crystalline mineral.

It´s a form of quartz called dorsoxylamine.

It has a very strong magnetic field and its a good conductor of heat.


Its not a real diamond, it´s an artificial gem, it has a hardness of 2,800.4.

Its a mineral that contains an element called dolomite.

This element has a magnetic field of 12,000,000 times that of a diamond.

Its known as the worldís most magnetic mineral.

Its an important element in all of nature and a lot of diamonds have a very high dolomy.


This stone has a crystal structure.

Its called a chrysotile.

Its the crystalline structure of the diamond head that gives it its name.

It makes up around 20 per cent of all the diamonds in the world.


This mineral is the strongest element in nature.

The chemical formula is MgSO 4 .

It is found in most minerals.


This rock is made of diamond, which is made up of three elements.

It consists of a single element called a silicate.

It contains a very low amount of magnesium.

It’s used in a lot a plastics.


Its only one of two elements, that is, the other one is the element that gives diamonds their hardness.

It`s the other element, called vanadium, that gives the diamond its beauty and brilliance.


The world’s biggest gem is a diamond that weighs around 12,800 grams.

It holds a weight of around 1,000 kilograms.


The most important mineral in all diamonds is dolomedesium.

This substance is found only in a few places in the earth.

It was found in the crust of the Earth by the meteorites that landed on it.

The Earth was hit by a comet that came from outer space in 1994.