Which is the best diamond ring?

A new analysis of diamond rings in the UK has revealed that they are more valuable than ever before.

Diamonds have long been a symbol of wealth and status but the recent surge in demand for diamonds has made them increasingly valuable.

The value of diamonds in the country has risen by over 500 per cent since 2010, with the UK currently worth over $US1 trillion.

A new report from The Times has revealed the value of the most popular ring in the world.

It is a diamond ring known as the ‘Diamond King’.

The diamond ring ‘Diamond Crown’ from the Diamond King in London, Britain, is valued at £1,100,000 ($2,078,000) by The Times.

It has a diameter of 1.3m, an internal diameter of 0.75m and weighs a mere 6.8kg (15lbs).

It is the diamond crown of the Queen of England and the highest valued diamond ring in Britain.

The diamond king is also one of the rarest diamonds on Earth and is one of only nine known to be produced.

It was mined in the 19th century from a diamond deposit in the northern region of the Soudan.

The crown was originally sold to a diamond dealer in London and then sold to the Queen in 1921, at a price of $US500,000.

It was eventually handed over to the British crown in 1985 for $US2 billion.

It became known as ‘the diamond king’ and was created by the diamond dealer Louis Bierut, who was working in London at the time.

In the mid-1990s, the crown was made available for sale to the public for £3.2 million ($4.5 million).

The ‘Diamond Queen’ from ‘The Diamond King’, an exclusive private collection, is currently the most valuable diamond ring.

The ring is valued by The Daily Mail at £935,000 by the Times.

The Daily Mirror reports that it was bought by the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry.

According to the Daily Mirror, the diamonds worth £1.5 billion are worth £2.2 billion (roughly $3.5 trillion) and the diamond king worth £637,000 (roughs $1.8 billion).

A spokesperson for the diamond company said that the diamonds are “still among the most sought after diamonds in all of Europe”.

According a source close to the Diamond Crown’s owner, the diamond King is worth more than the entire world’s gold reserves.

He said that it is a rare and precious jewel that is only sold to those who have the money to afford it.

A diamond ring that is so valuable that it will cost more to buy than it would to own is very rare indeed.

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