When Dustin Johnson is ready for the end of his career, he will be the best driver ever to wear a diamond

Dustin Johnson has said he will retire from professional racing with a heart-shaped diamond ring.

The driver is the world’s No. 1 driver in the world, according to Forbes, and is known as the greatest driver ever.

But that doesn’t mean he is the most expensive diamond.

The Diamond League, which ranks the world number one drivers, says a heart ring with a value of $2,000 would cost about $50,000 in today’s dollars.

There are even diamond rings priced at $1 million.

The most expensive Diamond League ring, a diamond-studded platinum ring that goes for $2 million, is sold by Michael Kors for $7,000.

Johnson’s diamond ring is made of the most precious metal, titanium, but it is still quite expensive for a diamond ring with such a small size.

The price of a diamond diamond is about $20,000 per carat, according the Diamond League.

The diamond is so large that it weighs about the same as a pebble.

Diamond rings are a luxury item, but they can also be very costly, especially when you are buying them for someone else, said Lisa Friel, a jewelry expert at The Friel Diamond Shop in Los Angeles.

Friel said diamonds are usually priced based on the rarity of the stone, such as the diamonds worth about $1,000 a carat.

You would want a diamond that’s extremely rare, and so they tend to be priced higher.

“A diamond can have a very high price, and you want to know where that price is relative to the quality of the diamond,” she said.

The average price for a caradon is about 10,000 carats.

It has a strength of about 1,300 times, and the diamond is also a very hard material.

If you are going to spend a lot of money on a diamond, you need to be sure you know what you are getting, Friel added.

Diamonds can have other uses, too, such that a diamond can be used as a medical tool or a way to enhance the appearance of a person.

But diamonds are not intended to be used for anything else.

In the past, diamond mining was considered a crime, said Dan Schmitz, a professor of marketing at the University of Missouri.

“But the diamond industry is in a transition period, and there are a lot more people looking for diamonds,” Schmitlz said.

Schmitzer is the founder of the American Diamond Association, which has about 3,400 chapters nationwide.

He said that there are still people who have been looking for a ring that was made in a mine that they can wear as a necklace.

Schmetzer said he had been working with Johnson for years and had been impressed by the driver’s dedication to his craft.

“I’m sure he was thinking about the people who were out there doing this kind of work and just trying to make diamonds, and Dustin is an example of that,” Schmetz said, adding that Johnson had a strong interest in the diamonds he was working with.

“Diamonds are so rare that the more diamonds you have in your hands, the more valuable they become.”

The Diamond Club of America said that diamonds in general have a value in the thousands of dollars.

But a diamond is only worth a certain amount in one piece.

So it is not always clear whether a diamond has a specific, precise value.

A diamond that has been cut by hand can have its value determined by how it is laid, Schmetzers said.

A stone that has not been cut is a less valuable piece of stone than a stone that is a bit more polished, he added.

The amount of wear and tear that diamonds take on, and how long they last, can also affect their value, said Mark Osterberg, a retired engineer from California.

But Johnson is not a typical carat buyer. “

That can lead to very expensive diamonds.”

But Johnson is not a typical carat buyer.

He does not have an average carat value.

He is the highest-earning driver of all time.

He has more than $1 billion in the bank.

Johnson made more than 100 million dollars in 2013 alone, according a Forbes report.

His net worth is $8.5 billion, according Forbes.

The highest paid driver in history is the driver who was the No. 2 in Formula One, Formula One’s $2 billion-a-year championship in 2006.

It is still the most popular sport in the United States, with nearly 1 billion fans tuning in every year to watch drivers race on television.