Watch the first pear shaped diamonds in the ‘verse

It might be the first time a pear shaped gem has been produced in the world, but the first diamond pear shaped to be produced in a pear shape in the U.S. was discovered in California last week.

The pear shaped gems were discovered by local jewelry designer Nick Smith at the Diamond Park in the San Fernando Valley, according to The Sport Book.

He said the diamond was found on a diamond, but it was a pear-shaped gem.

The first pear diamond was first discovered in the early 1900s, and it has since been produced with various shapes and sizes, according the book.

The gem is a pear diamond with a diameter of 3.25 inches and a thickness of 0.8 inches.

It weighs 0.6 carats, and the pear shape was first described by William M. Allen in 1897.

The jewelers name was not revealed, but Smith said it was the first of its kind.

He said he has made many pear shaped stones before, but this one is the first that has been made in a shape that is both a pear and a diamond.

“I really think that this is the best pear diamond that I have ever made,” Smith said.

“The diamond looks like it could be a pear, and that’s because it’s pear shaped.

You can see the diamond is perfectly aligned.”

Smith is making more pear shaped and pear shaped pear gems in the future.

The Pear Pear diamond was named in honor of California native Rosemary Pear, a diamond designer who was born in Pear Valley, Calif.

Rosemary was the granddaughter of Rose Pear, the first owner of the Pear City diamond, which became the first pearl shaped diamond in the United States.

Rosemarie Pear died in 2008 at age 95.

She was the inspiration for the diamond, according Toast magazine, and she died of cancer in 2010.

The Diamond Park, located in the middle of the desert, is owned by the Diamond Trust of America, which operates a collection of more than 2,400 pear shaped, pear shaped or diamond gems, according a description of the site.

The diamonds are sold for about $1,200 to collectors.